Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Movie Recommendations: Session 9 and Endless Night

I'm still reading two lengthy but enjoyable Gothics that I'll be reviewing in the next weeks. Today, I thought I'd recommend two movies I've watched recently from the Gothic genre.

The first is Session 9. It's set in an abandoned mental institution. Some workers led by a troubled man named Gordon have committed to cleaning it up in a week. Little do they know that the past isn't all past. This one is atmospheric and creepy as well as layered. I don't recommend watching it alone unless you're good with that sort of thing. It has some real thrills and chills and some violence as well. What I like about it is that it also explores themes of corporate America, small businesses, and the tensions that go with such enterprises. Also, the horror creeps up on one. The usual gimmicks are not part of this one.

The other gem I ran across is Endless Night, a movie from 1972 based upon an Agatha Christie novel. Hayley Mills stars, and she is gorgeous in the film. The camera work is lovely, and if you like architecture, this is a movie you will truly enjoy. It has gorgeous landscapes, a compelling romance, a creepy woman with "the sight," major lesbian subtexts, spooky goings on, a creepy cat statue, and other pluses. The ending is also worth the whole movie.


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