Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Give away: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

I was reading The Gargoyle, and I quit it around 200 pages in. I have a nice, shiny paperback copy. The cover art is quite lovely.

I just couldn't do the other 300+. The premise is wonderful-- a burn victim finds his true love who tells him he is reincarnated and was burned in another life.

I just couldn't stick with the novel because it seemed to really ebb and flow too much among other things. I'm not going to write a full review since I don't think it counts as a gothic romance, truly. If you comment and want it, it's yours to the first poster.

The more I write and struggle with the craft myself, the more I'm convinced that a novel or novella or any work should hold your attention and make you want to complete it. If it doesn't, the novel needs more work, perhaps. It's okay to work for the pay off of the book a little as a reader, but the reader should not have to struggle on and on to make it through a work that is promised to be "great."  Reading is meant for an escape after all to most.

What do you think, dear readers? Do you like to struggle through novels, or do you prefer to relish every page and not want to put the book down?


james r. tuck jr said...

First...yes indeed.
I can read directions unlike the rest of Facebook!

Lisa Greer said...

LOL. Yes indeed. Can you message me on facebook with your address, and I'll send it out...

Alex and Lynn Ward said...

Hi Lisa,
In my youth I used to persevere with the less engaging novels but these days time's too precious. There are a couple of author's (long time favourites) I'll give the benefit of the doubt but one uninteresting book will make me reluctant to pick up another one. Perhaps I'm becoming picky in my old age but these days it seems I have to mine through a lot of coal to find a diamond.
With publishing being such a tight market you'd think editors would show a little more discernment. But I risk running on, so in summary-yes I agree if it's not grabbing you don't read it.

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