Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random Holidaze Contest: Houses in Focus

I am running a bit behind on getting out the last two contest winners' novels. I will get them to you. It just might be slower than usual. :)

The new contest is 72 hours. The winner will receive two gothic novels with houses in the titles in some form: the name of a castle, the ancestral estate, or any abode.

Just make a comment about the importance of the gothic house or interior space in gothic novels (or why you don't think it's important!), and you'll be entered automatically. The contest will end on Dec. 18 at 11pm CST.



Alex and Lynn Ward said...

I once heard the gothic novel described as a love affair between a woman and a house (if only I could remember where I would attribute). While I might not go quite so far I do think that the house/setting is vitally important. It is (or at least I think it should be) a central character in any truly gothic novel.

susied said...

The house, or castle, creates the atmosphere important for the gothic (I think). Can you image a 'gothic' book set in a 1950s cape? Plus, there are all those nooks and crannies where the ghosts or bad guy can hide from the heroine :)

Clark said...

I have never ever read a creepy gothic novel that didn't take place in a large house or mansion/castle. The gothic novel just has to have a structure for a background to let our imaginations run wild in. For me, if the cover of a gothic novel has a haunted looking house/mansion on the cover art, then I always grab it up!

Alex and Lynn Ward said...

I'm with you Clark. I love good cover.
I heard a story once about a cover artist who drew a beautiful cover of a woman running away from a castle, gown billowing out behind her, a full moon overhead but he left the tower castle dark. Story goes that sales plumetted due to the lack of a light in the topmost tower window.
I'm sure it's an urban legend but I'd love it to be true.

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