Monday, November 1, 2010

Contest Winner/November Contest

The winner of the last contest is Pamela P. :) Pamela, I'll send your novels on if you comment here or contact me at my email address listed at the bottom of the blog within 48 hours. Thanks!

For the next contest, I'll be giving away two random, 4 star Gothicked reviewed, gothic romance novels. If you're interested in entering, all you have to do is post a comment here or on any blog post before November 16th at 12am EST.

The two novels linked here are just to give you an indication of the type of random gothic romance novel you might end up with if you win.


Pamela P said...

Thanks bunches. I emailed u on GR.

KimberWolf said...

I'm interested in the November contest!

lisalgreer said...

Hi, Kimberwolf, well, you're entered now. :) Thanks....

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