Monday, March 11, 2013

Open Library--A Gothic Romance Reader's Dream!

Forgive me if you have heard of this free resource before, but I was ignorant of it until today.

Please go check it out. I am reading a novel by Monica Heath, Falconlough, (I love her work and can find so few of her novels unless I want to pay a lot or horde paperbacks) and have found many other gothic romance writers' novels on this site; I think I am going to be busy for a while! These are in e-book format, but you can also find them in a local library if they have them. I am reading mine on my computer in .pdf in short clips. The loans are two week ones.

What bliss! Let me know how you like Open Library. :)


Kristi said...

You've given us the tip of the iceberg. I browsed the Open Library site for a bit and was somewhat overwhelmed by the massive amount of data/books available there. I did a search on gothic romance and narrowed it to ebooks and got a nice list to choose from. Also, I was greatly impressed by the further breakdown of the list in the right-hand column showing the period, location, etc., which was of great interest to me. The 2-week lending period seems restrictive, as I cannot guarantee being able to read a book within 2 weeks, but I assume one can borrow the book more than once to finish it. Thanks so much for this info. I'll be passing it along!

Amy said...

This is totally news to me and the most awesome thing I learned all day!! Just passed the word on to my dad as well. Thanks!!! :)

Gothic Writer said...

Cool!! I thought it was pretty awesome, too. I hope you and your dad enjoy it. Let me know if you find any really good reads.

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