Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Can't Wait for Autumn Giveaway

Hi, folks! It's been a bit since I've blogged. School is back in here, and I'm getting my fall and winter schedule fixed up. My mind always turns to gothic romance (it's usually there but my imagination is stirred even more this time of year) in autumn with Halloween on the way and the bleak days of winter coming, too.

So, I think it's the perfect time for a random paperback gothic romance giveaway. I have a few lying around that I think you'll enjoy. I'll send them your way if you win! Just leave a comment (here or on the Facebook Gothicked page under the link) about how fall and winter are the season of Gothic and gothic romance (or if you disagree, tell me why!), and you'll be entered to win. The contest ends August 24th at 12pm CST. I'll draw a winner from those who comment.

Thanks, and get ready to cozy up to some shiver worthy reads. ;)

(This image is a book cover by MayArt, Inc., soon to grace a novel from yours truly. ;)


Unknown said...

Fall and winter contribute to the desire to read gothic romances, at least in the northern hemisphere, because we are tidying up our gardens, starting back into a school/work year (for many), and hunkering down for the winter, when we will spend more time indoors. Indoor activities are more sedentary, and reading is one such activity favored by many. Gothic romances offer challenges that are sure to be tidied up by the end of the novel, so they are satisfying to those who like closure (who were busy tidying things up in the late summer). These novels also bring excitement and drama into an otherwise quiet setting, adding to their appeal. Personally, I enjoy gothic romances any time of the year, but then I am retired and spend most of my time at home. I'm also into tidying things up at any time of the year. ;o}

susied said...

I enjoy fall/Halloween, too. Partly because my birthday is October and partly because of the cooler weather, pretty leaves turning.

I also enjoy the local ghost tours and cemetery walks. Always fun for something to do and to let the imagination go.

You don't have to enter me in the contest unless you really want to :) I won a book from you recently already. But, if you insist.... :D

Amy said...

Cool giveaway -- thanks! For me, SUMMER is when I think of Gothics. My first-ever gothic was found on a read-and-return rack at my local swimming pool. I must have been about 12 and I read the whole thing lying on a beach towel in one wonderful afternoon. I still have that book (I know, I never returned it!) and read it over again every once in a while. Still brings back those great memories every time I crack it open.

A.F. Heart said...

The weather is nippy and the night hours increase, which makes everything more intimate. The fall leaves add a touch of beauty to accompany the occasional howling wind. Winter storms strand people, leaving them vulnerable - emotionally or physically. Forget the beach, give me a cozy fire with hot cocoa to bond with a person of interest. Fall and winter add the perfect elements for scary and romantic environments.

Stacey said...

Fall and winter are the seasons for reading a Gothic because of the wisps of creeping fog, the low moan of the wind as it moves between pine trees, and the silvery shadows the full moon casts on those chilly nights when ghosts and other creatures of the night come out to haunt and play. What better seasons than fall and winter to imagine a shadow passing by the window of an empty house, and skeletal hands twitching at its tattered curtains? BOO!
If I'm not too late for the contest, please enter me. I'm reading your book, Come to the Tower, My Love, right now on my Kindle and loving it!

Michelle said...

How fall and winter are the season of Gothic and gothic romance (or if you disagree, tell me why!),

My favorite seasons are Fall and Winter and I agree with you, in that they provide the perfect 'gothic' atmosphere to help me sink cozily into my spooky story! Best times to start a new gothic is on: 'It was a dark and stormy night..' :D Michelle W.

Gothic Writer said...

Hi, Stacey! Thanks so much for entering the giveaway. I'm glad you're enjoying the book. If you have a minute when you're done, could you leave me a review anywhere you normally do that? I would really appreciate it. :)

Gothic Writer said...

I am loving all these write-ups about fall and winter! I'll draw a winner on Monday. :)

Gothic Writer said...

The winner is Michelle! :) Thanks to all who entered.

Michelle said...

OMG, WOW, I WON! Thank you ever so much! Emailing you my address and believe you, me, I will enjoy every single one of the delicious gothics! :D Michelle

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