Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quickie Review: Sister Sister

Well, as usual, I'm falling behind on my post a quickie review every week--at least--or something like that goal. Too much to do and too little time. I've been editing like a madwoman on my Montmoors historical gothic romance series, and it's well worth it.

I thought I'd take a little break and watch a movie, Sister Sister, starring Jennifer Jason Leigh among others.

It promised gothic romance at a spooky Louisiana plantation turned bed and breakfast owned by two sisters--Charlotte and Lucy Bonnard--with secrets to protect. Lucy has been deemed "crazy" by the older sister, but all the guys want her from the handyman, Etienne LeViolette, to congressman/guest Matt Rutledge. I liked the atmosphere and the ghost stories around the dining room table, and that kept me watching beyond the first thirty minutes.

Then, about halfway through the movie, the writers gave up the plot and just threw it at my feet. Quite disappointing. As an author, I try not to do that to my readers, and I don't like it when it's done in books and movies. I want to be a bit surprised or at least to be kept wondering. Small twists along the way are good.

In short, I didn't finish the movie once the ending became all too clear. If you don't mind knowing exactly what is going on halfway in, you might try it. For me, the rating is meh as a friend said when I told him I was watching it (Barrymore Tebbs--right again!).

Rating out of 5 stars: 2.5 stars 
--For atmosphere, a mean gator that makes an appearance, and a love story I liked.


Barrymore Tebbs said...

You probably saved 30-45 minutes of your life for something more constructive (like editing) by not watching the rest of this movie. Meh, indeed.

Gothic Writer said...

Ha! You know my mind, Barrymore. That's exactly the way I thought about it. ~Lisa

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