Thursday, September 22, 2011

Let the Halloween Gothicked Blog Contests/Giveaways Begin!

The first giveaway starts tomorrow, 9/23, and these giveaways will run through 10/31 in celebration of autumn and Halloween. It's a Gothic and Gothicked time of year! Our first giveaway will be for a copy of Tammie Gibbs' gothic romance novel, Island of Secrets. It's been a bestseller in Romance>Gothic and Time Travel on Amazon US and UK for some time. It's an e-book, and I'll send it to you if you win!

Here's the rules, you can either follow the Gothicked Blog Facebook page (if you haven't already) OR you can comment here about why you like gothic romance/Southern Gothic and/or time travel genres by 8am, 9/26. That's it! Once you do, you'll be entered in a random number drawing, and one winner will be announced on 9/26. We'll have lots more contests, so stay tuned!

**I wanted to put a link here to Tammie's book but my Amazon widget isn't working. I'll try to do it later.

Island of Secrets by Tammie Clarke Gibbs 


susied said...

This book sounds great - just like your typical gothic :)

I don't own an e-reader so don't enter me in this contest, I just wanted to comment on the book.

Tammie Clarke Gibbs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tammie Clarke Gibbs said...

If you'd like to enter, the book could be sent to you as a pdf or you could get the Kindle or Nook Free apps for your computer or phone. I read books all the time on my laptop. Love my ereader, but still do a good bit of reading on my laptop.

:) Have a wonderful weekend. You can read a sample by visiting my website

Shelley said...

Love the gothic romance. I don't own a kindle either but could read on my laptop if I were to win. :)

Tammie Clarke Gibbs said...

Congratulations Shelly! I understand you won my ebook. You can get the Kindle App for free at Amazon. You'll love it and if you find you enjoy ebooks, Amazon has got a slew of new ereaders at some amazing prices now.

As soon as I get your information, I'll send you the book. I hope you enjoy it.


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