Friday, March 11, 2011

Best Gothic Romance Titles!

A Facebook friend posted a title of a romance novel that was full of win today, and it got me thinking about gothic romance titles. Let's see. Post the best gothic romance title(s) if you want and about why you like them. Opinions will vary wildly, and that's fine. I just thought this would be fun.

Then, post the funniest ones. I'll post a few for starters. The person(s) who post the best ones wins some gothic romance novels with great or zany titles! I'll keep this up for a few days. Have fun with it! :)

Greygallows-- by Barbara Michaels (I like the alliteration and the connotations of the title).

The Dark on the Other Side (also Michaels and because it's from a quote by Plato)

Dragonwyck-- by Anya Seton

Nine Coaches Waiting-- by Mary Stewart

The Ivy Tree-- by Mary Stewart (I just love it).

Rebecca-- by Daphne DuMaurier

Wuthering Heights-- by Emily Bronte

Holy Terror-- by Josephine Boyle

House of the Dancing Dead-- by Aola Vandergriff

                             The Shivering Sands-- by Victoria Holt
                             The Winter Bride-- Carola Salisbury

                             The Winter People-- Phyllis A. Whitney
                             Wait for What Will Come-- by Barbara Michaels

                             Vermillion-- by Phyllis A. Whitney

                             Damnation Reef-- by Jill Tattersall

                             Winterwood-- by Dorothy Eden

                             The Voice of the Dolls-- by Dorothy Eden

                             The Silver Leopard-- by Zoe Cass

                             Prince of Darkness-- by Barbara Michaels

                             Mistress of Mellyn-- by Victoria Holt

                             Dig a Narrow Grave-- by Mary Linn Roby  

                             The Shrouded Walls-- by Susan Howatch


House of the Strange Woman-- by Monica Heath

The House is Dark-- by Rebecca James

Jack O'Lantern-- by Kathleen A. Shoesmith

Satan's Coast-- by Elsie Lee

Mansion of Golden Windows-- by Elsie Lee ( Love it! This author knew how to name gothic romances).

Mystery Castle-- Elsie Lee

                            Dark Moon, Lost Lady-- Elsie Lee (I got on a roll once I looked hers up!)

                            Sleep in the Woods-- by Dorothy Eden

                            The Frightened Lady-- by Marilyn Ross



Anonymous said...

These Cliffs Are Dangerous by Lindsay Marsh

Lisa Greer said...

Anon, that's a great title! LOL. :)

Sara said...

I have a weak spot for titles with lyrical, musical qualities that appeal to my sense of sound – All Your Lovely Words Are Spoken by Mary Linn Roby, The Bridge of Strange Music by Jane Blackmore, Whistle for the Crows by Dorothy Eden are a few examples.

Whisper is one of my favourite words so any title with that in it would be a bonus! Whisper of Darkness by Margaret Lynn looks and sounds wonderfully gothic, but unfortunately I’ve yet to find a copy.

hanneybean7 said...

Here's some of my favorites:

"Moondragon" by Noel Vreeland

"The Shrouded Way" by Janet Caird
"Someone in the House" by Barbara Michaels

"Moonraker's Bride" by Madeleine Brent

Something about "moons" I like :)

susied said...

The Beckoning (Coffman)
Broomstick in the Hall (Blackmore)
The Coach Draws Near (Savage)
Hunters Green (Whitney)

I think gothics had the best titles.

A few of the worst:

Witch's Suckling (Hall)- gross
Too Late! Too Late! The Maiden Cried (Fleming)- too weird

Anonymous said...

House of whispering winds by Elizabeth Mccrae

Reap the whirlwind by Mary Linn Roby

Lisa Greer said...

Anon and Susied, I love the titles you came up with. :) Just let me know if you want some random gothic novels, and I'll send them along.

Fiddlette said...

i love Madam, Will You Talk? i was intrigued with that's so 1950's-1960's...who calls anyone "Madam" these days, and who says, "will you talk?"....that sounds so James Cagney gangster, lol!

Virginia Allain said...

I've never heard of Mystery Castle before and I thought I'd seen all of Elsie Lee's books. Can you tell me more about it (date published, publisher, ISBN, or anything)?

susied said...

A great site to try looking up authors is Sometimes there are even book covers posted.

This being said, there is no cover for Mystery Mansion nor a publisher listed, though it was printed in 1973.

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