Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stuff and a new blog feature

If I owe you books, I'm running behind. Sorry about that. If you don't see any by February 1st, send me an email nudge. :)

As for the New Year's Survey, I didn't have many folks complete it. I'd still love to know your thoughts on what you'd like to see more of and less of on the blog.

I also want to note that if any of you would like to review a gothic romance novel or gothic novel, please let me know. I would love it! You could also write a bio. for yourself and promote your website or other venture.

Finally, I am starting a new feature if I get any takers. I would like to interview or have guest reviews or guest blog posts about all things Gothic from up and coming authors. This suggestion from one survey participant who emailed me was one I liked. If you are an author and want to be featured, comment here or let me know on Facebook or via email.

I am wading through The Mysteries of Udolpho and The Gargoyle currently. I'm loving both and can't wait to review them!


Anonymous said...

I do book reviews, have a blog for it. I just now when finishing a book feel in love with gothic stories. As I read them would love to review here too. I just did my first review if you would like to check it out Just let me know.

Gothic Writer said...


I would love to have some guest reviews from you! Please email me at lisalgreer at yahoo dot com

Any gothics or gothic romances you have read are fair game.

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