Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year Blog Survey

Hello, dear readers.

I am thinking it's a New Year, and I'd like to see what you are looking for more of this year as far as this blog goes. I've asked a few questions below, and I'd love to see your answers in the comments or even emailed to me (lisalgreer at yahoo dot com). I'll be taking them into consideration as I run contests, choose which novels to review, etc.

If you only want to answer one or a couple, that's great, too! I appreciate any feedback you might have.

1. What types of contests would you like to see this year?

2. Which novels would you like me to review? Specific titles, authors, or genres would be great to add here.

3. What other features would you like to see? More guest reviews or something else?

4. What do you most enjoy about the blog in its current state?

Thanks for your thoughts, and happy reading! :)


susied said...

Just a few thoughts, but I enjoy your blog and contests just as they are!

I love to win old gothic books, doesn't matter whether it is an old gothic, southern gothic, well-known author, someone who only wrote a few books, etc.

I'd be interested in reading reviews of some of the 'original' gothics, i.e., like Northanger Abbey or mysteries of udolpho or some such.

Lisa Greer said...


Thanks for your thoughts. I am reading Mysteries of Udolpho right now, but it's going to take a while! I have read most of the classics, but I usually want to read again before I review.

I want to say, too, that you are always invited to write a review if you'd like. :) If you have a favorite classic, you can review it here in your own format if you wish. Just let me know if you'd like to. You could also link to your blog or other interests you would like to promote. That goes for other readers, too. I'd love to have more guest bloggers!:)

I will be doing more classics this year, though, definitely. Thanks again...

Louiz said...

I've only just found your blog, and it all looks good as they are to be honest.

I am a fan of the old gothic books (having started reading them as old, second hand ones in my teens) but I'd also like to see reviews of more modern books (very definite that) or authors that I haven't found before.

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