Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review of Susanna Kearsley's 'The Shadowy Horses' linked on Kearsley's web site

One of my dear readers pointed out to me that Susanna Kearsley has added my review of her novel, The Shadowy Horses, on her website. I am not sure how long it will stay up there, but it's linked there now under the scrolling New Reviews section and here on the blog if you missed it before:

The Review

New Reviews on Kearsley's Site


Susanna Kearsley said...

Hi there! I did indeed post your review on my web site :-) I truly do appreciate the fact you chose to read it and review it with such thought.

All the blogger reviews that I list on my "News" page will most likely stay up there for good -- I just add "New Reviews" to the top of the scroll as they come to my attention.

Thank you so much again for reviewing The Shadowy Horses.

lisalgreer said...

Hi, Susanna! I'm so happy you commented here. I and my blog readers and your fans are looking forward to the release of your next novel. I'll be sure to review it here, too. ;).

All the best,

jwade19 said...

Hi Susanna!
I'm so looking forward to reading The Rose Garden next year. You've become my favorite new writer in the past few years. I only wish you had more US exposure (and that you wrote faster - lol).

I read the entry in your blog where you thanked your sales staff, and my respect for you went up even higher.

Keep up the good work! Your fans love your books.

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