Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Gothic Movie Recommendation: The Tomb of Ligeia

Starring Vincent Price and released in 1965, this creepy flick is worth your evening. If you have Netflix, you can stream it instantly. We have a wii, and that's how I watched it over a couple evenings when I had time.

The opening scene alone was enough to make me shiver; don't miss it. Is Ligeia really dead? Might she live again as her husband Verden Fell believes? What will become of Fell's new wife, Lady Rowena? Black cats, a ruined abbey, spooky old school ministers, smouldering sensuality, a creepy corpse, and other Gothic Elements feature in this movie based upon the story by Edgar Allen Poe. Black and white and color are also dazzling in this film. I recommend it for one of these chilly autumn evenings. Vincent Price is perfectly creepy in his role, and Elizabeth Shepherd somehow manages to exude both an ethereal quality and blatant sexuality.

I'll be doing some other occasional brief, Gothic Film/Movie recommendations as I run across worthy films, but look no further if you want a good one for the season.


Clark said...

I totally agree with you on this movie. A must see, especially this time of year!

Anonymous said...

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