Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September Contest Winner! 48 hour Quickie Contest Starts Today...

Thanks to all who posted a comment in the last few weeks and in so doing entered the September book giveaway contest. The winner this month is Hannah. Her comments and recommendations for other Gothic Novelists were superb. Congratulations, Hannah! I'll be contacting you. :)

The next contest will be a bit different. It has two steps to enter:

1. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account or a blog (or another social network account that I don't have but that you use regularly), pick any blog post on this site to share on your account with a post or a tweet.

2. Then, comment below, telling how/where you shared it. It's that easy!

The prize will be a mystery/surprise grab bag of three Gothic Novels (at least one of them will be a 4 star reviewed novel from this blog). This contest is a quickie-- just 48 hours. :) It ends September 17th, 10:01pm EST. So, any shared post or tweet makes you eligible. I will do a name draw out of a hat to choose the winner. The odds should be good for this one, and how can you pass up three Gothic Novels?


jwade19 said...

Thanks Lisa! I can't wait to re-read Vanish with the Rose (I don't have it in my collection and it's been a long time since I read it).

Also, thanks for fixing the posting section to make it more reader-friendly. I hope Sandi finds it easy as well.

lisalgreer said...

Just mailed it to you... it might be a while from here to there via media mail. :)

Kristen said...

Hi Lisa,

I posted a link to your 'Obessions revealed' post about the bookmarks on my Facebook page. I make my own bookmarks and loved the photo of the coffin bookmark!

lisalgreer said...

Kristen, I'm so excited! :) Thanks for entering. Your name, so far, will be the only one in my hat when I draw for the contest winner. It's so cool that you make your own bookmarks. Do you sell them, too?

Kristen said...

so far, i like my odds! LOL. I don't sell my bookmarks - I generally just use them myself or give them to family members. I'm not great at it but they are fun to make. =)

lisalgreer said...

Kristen, and surprisingly... you are the winner! :) If you could just send your address to me via email (lisalgreer at yahoo dot com) listed on the blog, that would be great. I'll send your three novels out on Monday. Thanks again for entering! LOL.

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