Friday, September 17, 2010

Quickie 48 Hour Contest Winner/ New Autumn Contest

Kristen is the winner of this contest! She was also the only reader who entered. So, I guess this means the blog is not ready for quick contests yet. :)

Congratulations, Kristen! I'll be mailing your novels to you this week. Thanks again for entering...

The next contest starts now and will run through October 1st at 12am. It is the Autumn Contest in honor of, well, the start of Autumn-- the season of the Gothic Novel, in my opinion! I'll make this one easy; just post any comment between now and the cut off date, and you will be entered into the drawing hat to win a nice copy of Anya Seton's Dragonwyck and a random Gothic Novel of my choice.

So, there's just one step to enter this one: comment on any post between now and October 1st.

Happy weekend, all! :)


Sandi said...

There's nothing better than opening up a book..and it grabs you right from the start..gothic romance has it all! romance/mystery/suspense/ & twists & turns that keep you guessing..and when you finish the book its characters stay with you long after.

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