Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Marilyn Ross: Desperate Heiress (my copy is free to a good home!)

I wanted to log this one even though I got about ten pages in and put it aside, then snapped a picture of the girl and the showboat on the cover. I will try another Marilyn Ross (Dan Ross) novel. This one was sitting on the shelf at Goodwill, and I liked the big showboat on the front cover. I thought it was at least creative. Plus, the novel seems tough to find based upon my search for images.

The story was pretty awful from the premise and get go-- Hester is an heiress to a haunted showboat. Moreover, sentences on the first page like "It was the fascination of terror!" didn't help me love the novel (Ross 5).  I know this is a Gothic Romance novel we're talking about, but I still like these novels to be well written and to have some basis in possible reality-- to get me into the story and help me believe it could happen. This one was so crazy from the outset that I could not willingly suspend my disbelief (ala Coleridge's suggestion).

Another telling sign for me is that when I went to write this gem up, it was not listed at all on Goodreads.

I recommend a pass on this one. I'll try another Marilyn Ross, though, as I give all authors at least two shots (sometimes more).

If you want this Paperback Library edition from 1970, complete with tattered spine at the top in fair-bad condition with price marked on the back, I'll send it to you. The first responder gets it; just post here if you want it. Ok, don't strain a finger trying to post first.

Desperate Heiress


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