Friday, September 3, 2010

In honor of Labor Day: Gothic Book Giveaway... (September 15th)

Hi, readers. I would like to start this blog off right, and I was thinking about ways to do that today. So, I have decided to have a book giveaway each month. For this month, just post a comment on one of the blog entries sharing why you like Gothic novels, or if you don't know if you do, why you would like to try one. The most intriguing answer will win.

Now, the book I will be sending you will be truly Gothic-- maybe a very old copy that is a bit worn. It just depends upon what I have and which book you want. :)  I am also choosing ones that I consider strong works in the genre. Some of my choices are not ones that you easily find at secondhand stores or libraries.

These are the choices. If you win, I will announce it and email you by 9/16, and you can let me know which book you would like me to send to you:

1. The House Next Door-- by Anne Rivers Siddons. This novel is top notch and leans toward Gothic horror, but it's not gory-- just really frightening. In fact, in my opinion, it's the best one Siddons has ever written.

2. Vanish with the Rose-- by Barbara Michaels. This one is a nice introduction to Michaels' work.

3. Nine Coaches Waiting-- by Mary Stewart. This work is a seminal one in Gothic genres. It's set in Paris and in a castle on a hill (or mountain), too.

If you already have or have read these three and don't want another copy, just wait until the next contest rolls around! :)

So, go ahead and post a comment on one of my blog entries (any of them is fine), and that will automatically enter you in to win. The odds are good on this contest since my blog is new. I'm excited and can't wait to send one of these books to the winner!

**The cover art I have included here is from Morticia's Morgue-- a lovely site with some great cover art from Gothic novels:


jwade19 said...

Nice job, Lisa!
It's Hannah from GoodReads, and I also love (and miss) the gothics from the 1960's and 70's.

Apart from the writers you've already showcased, I'm also a big fan of Monica Heath, Aola Vandergriff, and Florence Hurd.

Please enter me in your giveaway! I look forward to visiting your blog.

lisalgreer said...

Hannah, you are my first poster! I'm excited. :) I will definitely enter you in there. I am reading Rommany by Hurd right now. I have a way to go in it. And I have others in my pile to read by the authors you mention. Thanks for all your posts and ideas for who to read and why...

jwade19 said...

No problem.

I hope your blog gets a ton of followers.

We need a revival of the gothic genre IMO.

Julie Adams said...

I like any novel riddled with emotion. Not sure that I'm eligible, though. LOL.

lisalgreer said...

You are eligible. :) LOL.

sandi dynes said...

Hi Lisa Im so glad you started this post!
Im a reader of the books in the 70 & 80's..where they had beautiful covers..that drew you right away to pick up..and a story to match inside..romance/mystery/suspense..& EMOTION! Ive read some Phyllis Whitney..and would like to find some new authors in this area..and re-visit the GOOD books again!

lisalgreer said...

Hi, Sandi. Glad you're here. They are great books, aren't they? And I love the covers, too... :)

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