Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dorothy Daniels: Mystic Manor

I am not going to do a long review of this novel, Mystic Manor by Dorothy Daniels, published in 1975. Sorry I couldn't find a nice image of it; the one I found was super small. The edition I have is the same one that is linked below in the Amazon link-- lots of turquoise and black with what actually looks like a church behind the blond heroine.

Anyway, this novel was pretty terrible, from page 2. The main character went into this long narrative to another character, detailing all that had happened to her, starting in the early pages. The only problem is that the other character would have known all of it already. Then, the male character tells Melinda, the heroine, all about her eye color and every feature on her face. At that point, I laughed, read a few more ridiculous pages and quit around page 21.

I guess I need to start a "stinkers" category. This one would definitely go in there. One of the passages that convinced me of this is found on page 10:

"Melinda, you're actually a beautiful girl. There's gold in your hair and interesting flecks of darker blue in your regularly blue eyes. You have the round face of youth, a a very pretty nose and a smooth chin line. I would say you'd be a fine subject."

Now that is some unrealistic dialogue. I do not recommend this novel. I'll give Daniels another try some time as I saw that others have rated her decently or well on Goodreads.


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